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Web Foot Remodel Home Tour | Stevensville, Maryland

Welcome to our home!

Statement lighting, layered textures, and pops of color reinvent this cozy space!

This project is very personal to my family and me. Our home is our haven–it’s where we live, work, play and entertain. We fell in love with this house because of its location, its potential, and homey feel. However, the cozy vibe the house was giving us wasn’t 100% our style and lacked function as our family grew. Our wish list included proper everyday dining space, a better functioning kitchen, increased storage, a play room for kids, and a separate office space. We’ve managed to tackle the majority of our list, so come on in and check it out!  
Julia Longchamps Design, Home Office Space, Maryland

Julia Longchamps Design, Web Foot Remodel, Home Office, Styling, Maryland

My home office used to be a sitting room that opened to the dining room–neither rooms were used more than once or twice a year. We decided to put up new walls and create  function and separation. Seems weird to say in this open concept day and age but it’s fun to break the rules once in a while! Current status: not only is this room used daily but it’s not so bad on the eyes either.  
Julia Longchamps Design. Web Foot Remodel, Kids Room, Playroom, Maryland

Julia Longchamps Design, Web Foot Remodel, Playroom Styling, Details, Maryland

The kids playroom used to be the dining room, yet another space not used by our family. Adding walls has made this room one of my favorites in the house (and the kids too)! I love the playful wallpaper and color pops we chose for this space. It is youthful but will also transition with the kids as they grow up. 
Julia Longchamps Design, Web Foot Remodel, Family Room Built-ins, Maryland

Julia Longchamps Design, Web Foot Remodel, Family Room Styling, Maryland

Colorful yet calming–it can be done! Our family room was a blank slate. Adding a built in media wall anchored the room and added storage. Amen! Open shelving and doors on the uppers makes the design both beautiful and functional, a balance JLD is always striving to achieve. 

Julia Longchamps Design, Web Foot Remodel, Family Room, Interior Design

Julia Longchamps Design, Web Foot Remodel, Kitchen, Maryland

No lack of drama here! Statement lighting brings this space to life! 

Saving quite possible the best for last! Black, white and gold elements make up our powder room remodel. Does it can any cleaner than that!? 

We hope you enjoyed the Web Foot Remodel Home tour! We’re loving our redesigned and functional space! 

If you like what you see and want to work together, head over to the contact page and drop us a line! As always, you can also email me directly at

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