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What is it like to work with JLD?

Julia Longchamps Design, Working with a Full Service Design Team, Maryland

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with an interior designer? Worried that if you’re not the creative type it won’t be fun (or successful)? 

Believe it or not, JLD is here to make your life easier. Yes, hiring an interior design team is an investment but in the long run, it saves YOU time and money because you have a professional team guiding you in the right direction, and finalizing all the crucial details. We only recommend products that are quality and long-lasting, saving you money (and regret) in the long run.  We also extend our discounts to our clients, saving you cash on your purchases.

Does all this sound too good to be true? It’s not. Check out our detailed outline of what it’s like to work with a full-service design team.  

1.Review Architectural Plans 

A common question when starting a large project is, “Should I start with an architect or JLD?” While this is a collaborative effort, it is best to start with the architect to draw the first round of plans. However, the sooner you can loop us in the better, ensuring you get everything you’re looking for in terms of space and functionality. 

2. Establish Timeline & Budget

This is one of the most important steps of the process. We take budgets seriously–knowing how it important they are to our clients while also accommodating all the things that will make your home fabulous! Once your budget has been allocated and finalized, we work alongside the build team to establish timelines and completion goals to keep the overall project on track. 

3. Design Inspiration 

This is where the fun begins! We connect with our clients, understanding what they are looking for in terms of space, functionality, style and more. From there, we create inspiration boards, which enables us to start creating a clean vision–exploring color and really nailing down the ascetic of the home.

4. Finish Selection

After we have finalized the design direction, it is time to start choosing finishes. This may sound like a small job but these are the items that will make your house your home. JLD works with clients in selections of flooring, plumbing, lighting, cabinetry, appliances and more! No detail is too small to be overlooked. 

5. Job Site Visits 

Once construction has begun, JLD regularly visits the site to ensure things are running on track and to help avoid any errors in plans. We like to set up regular meetings with our build team, architect and trades for walkthroughs and to troubleshoot any issues that may have popped up. Having the design team on-site also allows you, the homeowner, to take a step back and not be consumed with the day to day of the project.   

6. Home Furnishing Curation

Once floor plans are finalized and construction is underway we can start finalizing the furnishings of the home! From case goods to upholstery and draperies to pillows, we are partnered with some of the best vendors to have you covered. We also love sourcing high-quality furniture sustainably made in the U.S. whenever possible. 

7. Install

Install day (or days), yes, please. Once the house is complete it’s time to deliver the furniture!! The JLD team installs window treatments, arranges furniture, rugs, pillows, bedding and so much more. Each room will be individually styled to bring the house to life! 

8. Home Reveal & Move In! 

This is the best part! We love to walk our clients through their new space and celebrate this new chapter. Time to pop the bubbly or mix a margarita and celebrate! 


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